Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fill my medication after hours?


How do I get a copy of medical records?

To obtain a copy of your medical records we require a signed authorization. A charge to copy your records will apply unless we are faxing the records to another provider. You may also view or print your records through our patient portal.

Do I have to pay my copay?

All copays are due at patient check-in. Please refer to your insurance card or call the customer service number on the back of your card, to find out how much your specialist copay will be.

Why do I need to be seen in the office prior to a screening colonoscopy?

It is important that our medical staff have a complete history on you prior to scheduling you for any testing that requires sedation.

Why do I get a voicemail when calling to speak with the nurse?

It is better to call in the morning hours between 8:30-11:30am, as it is difficult for our clinical staff to answer your call during afternoon clinic. If you receive the nurse's voicemail please leave your name, date of birth, and a call back number and they will return your call in the order that it was received. Due to our high volume of calls, it may take 24-48 hours to return patient calls.

Do I need a referral?

This depends on your insurance. If your insurance has designated a primary care physician (pcp), you are required to have a referral prior to your office visit. If this referral is not provided you will be responsible for the full payment of your visit or asked to reschedule your appointment.

How do I get a refill on my medication?

Please contact your pharmacy and ask them to send your refill request to our office electronically. In the event your pharmacy is not able to request this electronically, please contact your nurse and leave a message indicating your name, date of birth, prescription name, strength, and how often you are taking the medication. Please expect at least 2 business days for this to be completed. You may want to confirm with the pharmacy that your prescription is available before picking up medication. Refills can also be requested using the patient portal. Please contact the office to obtain a username and password.

When should I request a refill?

In order to receive your refill in a timely manner and avoid any gap in your treatment, please do not wait until you run out to request a refill. Contact your pharmacy or our office when you have at least 1 week of medication left.